Top Ten Tuesday: Things that will make me instantly NOT interested in a book


2 weeks ago I made a list about things that make me immediately interested in books. This week I will tell you, what actually turns me off a book. I will probably not consider reading a book if……

…it’s written by authors I didn’t like. Sorry, I gave you a chance!’s advertised as being ‘the new Twilight’ or ‘the new Fifty Shades of Grey’ –> I didn’t even like the originals, what makes you think I’ll read a copy that’s even worse?

…it promises a love triangle

…it features time-travel or different dimensions. Not a fan, because authors often mess it up

…it’s from a genre I never read, like historical fiction or romance. Or both together, that is my worst nightmare. Those Highlander romances? Nope, no. If there’s a muscly highlander on the cover, I will run away and never look back! My nanna loved those books and I sometimes sneakily read the ‘steamy’ scenes when I was younger. They are all. the. same.

…it’s a Fantasy that heavily features elves and dwarves. I never liked reading about them.

So those were the no-no-points, here’s what makes it hard for a book, but there’s still a chance I pick it up.

…it’s a series with 10+ books. Normally, it’s too much!

…it’s a YA Fantasy book. I don’t want to judge a whole genre, but there were too many disappointments for me lately, and it made me more cautious. When I hear YA nowadays I mostly think of angsty teenagers, lots of drama, that doesn’t make sense to me, Mary Sue’s galore and the inevitable love triangle. And that is exactly what I don’t want to read about.


  1. Love triangles make me grimace even though I end up reading them cause, you know, YA lol. And I’m kinda careful about the YA fantasies I pick up too, definitely. I’m pretty tired of elves and dwarves too…

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    1. After the Lord of the Rings movies there seemed to be a whole flood of elves & dwarves books.. at least that was the case in Germany 😀

      Aw do you know any cool fantasy YA books that don’t feature love triangles or insta love? Some that actually don’t have an important love story at all 😀


      1. I think Emilie and the Hollow World would qualify by Martha Wells. Don’t quote me because it’s been a few years since I read it, but I think it’s pretty romance- free. There might be a hint at the end but otherwise not really. It skews a bit younger perhaps but it’s a cool steampunk light hollow world story, and it was quite good.

        Maybe The Cats of Tanglewood Forest? No romance there.

        I think the old Belgariad series had a romance but it was more hate-to-love if I remember? I don’t think it had insta or the dreaded love triangle…

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  2. Oh crikey, ALL the marketing of ‘it’s the new XXX”! It’s so annoying – half the time the poor book can’t possibly live up to it (I read a perfectly decent NA dystopia that was undermined by the publisher comparing it to Huxley and Atwood. Unreasonable expectations, people!) The other half of the time, as you say, they compare it to things I hate so lose me on the spot.

    My favourite absurd descriptor remains ‘from the PUBLISHERS of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’.

    That’s… a pretty broad, foolish bucket. Maybe it works for people who don’t know anything about publishing 🙂

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    1. Ahahaha, oh no, did that really happen? I guess they try everything…. 😀

      Huxley & Atwood are definitely some big shoes to fill, the poor author 😀 In lots of cases it doesn’t help at all to compare the book to others on the cover. They should just let it speak for itself.

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    1. An it’s so hard sometimes, when the books sound so good.. but then I know myself and I hardly ever stick to a series. I mean I don’t read all of the books in a row, even if I like it. I mostly switch to other books and then come back..

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  3. There are so many books in stores at the moment that are advertised as ‘the new 50 Shades of Grey’ or ‘a must read for fans of 50 Shades of Grey’ and they usually have a monochrome cover with a single handcuff or whip displayed in red. Immediately has me turning on my heel and walking the other way!

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    1. Yes, yes! The Outlander books (I’ve heard, I only watched season 1) are really an exception there 😀 Lots of my friends are really into them. But they are much more than just a highlander romance anyways! 😀


  4. I recently watched one friend try and force another friend into reading an author she’d tried and despised. It was not pretty. I do agree though. I might give you one more chance, but if I’ve read two books and still don’t like you, I’m done.

    #2 has me laughing though because I TOTALLY AM WITH YOU!

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday!

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    1. Oh no, that’s the worst! Yeah, I sometimes give authors 2 chances (like I did with Sanderson and Robert Jordan for example), but never more than that if I didn’t like it.

      There are just too many authors and good books out there 😀


  5. Time travel is indeed a difficult “beast” to handle, and more often than not the authors fail in the task – still it remains an intriguing element… And I agree on the labelling of books as “the next … (insert title of choice)” – not only for Twilight of 50 shades, but any kind of story: how can publicity people be unable to think of something original? 🙂

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    1. Exactly 🙂 It’s never good for a book to be compared to others – just raises (or lowers 😀 ) the expectations..

      Ah, if time travel is done right, I am sure I will enjoy it 🙂 But mostly I just start thinking about how much doesn’t make sense and then I don’t enjoy it anymore. I think it’s the Terminator movies’ fault! 😀

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