Reading Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson: Chapter 6 – 8

Here we go again, I am now done with Chapter 8 and so much is happening. We are not even halfway through. Bookstooge’s post is already up today – check it out for some cool quotes!

So what’s happening?

  • Felisin, Baudin and Heboric flee from the Otataral mines and now have to cross the desert to get to the ocean. They are nasty to each other all the way and don’t become friends at all. They find a giant jade finger sticking up from the sand, which Heboric touches. It turns his tattoos black & makes them alive & gives him ghost hands
  • Felisin and Baudin have sex, after which she tries to kill him. He has figured it out though and now has the upper hand
  • Heboric seems to be dying, Baudin does something with Heboric’s ghost hand, which results in Fener, the god whom Heboric used to serve, also called ‘The Boar of Summer’ falling down from the sky/his warren and running off
Poor Fener!
  • ok
  • they finally arrive at the coast aaaaand

Yes! Yes! I am excited!


Finally, we meet some of my favourite characters from the whole series, Gesler and Stormy! They are the best foul-mouthed marines and so damn entertaining! I love their whole ‘we don’t give a crap’- and ‘we’ve seen some sh*t’- attitude and LOVE reading their parts. I just fly through them.

Also, I don’t remember Kulp being so funny & sarcastic!

‘And what,’ he asked tonelessly, ‘did you pay for this … boat?’ The historian sighed, glancing up at the mage. ‘Can you not repair it? What was your warren again, Kulp?’ ‘Boat repair,’ the man answered.

So Kulp has done what he promised Duiker and found Heboric. AFTER THAT….

  • …inconvenienced by a nearby mage whose warren got out of control because of being so close to Otataral (which deadens magic and drives mages insane), they plunge into a (his?) warren..
  • …where they find an old imperial ship, the Silanda
  • on deck they find severed heads in bags
  • and the bodies belonging to them, still sitting down & ready to use the oars
  • they find a whistle hanging around the captains neck
  • and of course they use it and the ship starts moving…

pretty wild, isn’t it? I really love that Erikson doesn’t hold back when it comes to magic. Nothing is too big, there’s always more and nothing’s impossible. He could really hold back on some information though. Although they don’t play a part in this book (right?) he throws in the fact that those corpses are Tiste Andii (like our favourite badass Anomander Rake), and some of them in the captain’s cabin are Tiste Edur. Which leads to the description of what’s the difference and this is a whole new storyline that’s being picked up in another book so I will leave it at that.

Duiker is spending those 3 chapters riding after Coltaine, the 7th and lots of refugees after saying goodbye to Kulp. They’ve been attacked by the rebels, supporters of Sha’ik, and are now being chased through the desert. This will be a major storyline in this books – Coltaine’s ‘Chain of Dogs’, how it’s going to be called.

Lots of characters’ paths are crossing. While we have Kulp and the marines meeting up with Heboric and co., we get Fiddler, Apsalar and idiot getting saved from Gral warriors and soletaken by none other than Icarium! And Mappo of course. They all merged into one big group now and will soon be off to find a House of the Azath! Because there’s also one in Malaz City and Quick Ben thinks they are all connected. So they can move there really quickly.

Okay, I’m overwhelmed. Can they leave Crokus behind please?


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  1. Hey, is the jade figure part of the broken god? I seem to remember jade playing a big part in one of hte last books. Overwhelmed indeed! I think I need to just stop trying to remember stuff in future books and concentrate on what is right in front of me. I feel like I’m eating a 7course meal while I have 3 more seven course meals waiting in the wings.

    I was looking at some of my initial reviews from ’08 and one of them, I just wrote something like “too complicated, I give up, not reviewing”. I’m starting to feel that way again πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha i do feel the same! I was thinking about the jade finger.. but i can’t remember! I don’t know what role it is going to play.. it’s the same with Fener, i don’t know what he’s up to.

      The good thing though is, that i am really excited for the next books now. I hope i can finish them all this year. And then i might try the books by esslemont again. I think i only read 2 of them..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If you can power through all 10 Malazan books this year, then you’ll definitely be ready for all of Esslemonts.
        Part of me wants to just read them right in a row and gorge myself. But I’d kill myself if I did that πŸ˜€

        As for Fener, I seem to remember that not much happens outside of this book with that storyline.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha i am already looking forward to ‘Memories of Ice’ because it was my favourite πŸ˜€ but i will have breaks in between as well and don’t read them all in a row, that would be too much πŸ˜€ maybe one a month will work…

        Liked by 1 person

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