On my Radar #3

For hundreds of years the Guardians ruled the Hundred, but these unearthly beingsspirit have faded from human sight and no longer exert their will on the world. Only the reeves, patrolling from the skies, still represent the Guardians’ power. But there is a corruption in the land that not even they can control, and fanatics are devastating villages, towns, and cities, slaughtering all who oppose them.

Outlanders Anji and Mai are fleeing their homeland with a company of dedicated warriors. On reaching the Hundred, they form an alliance with Reeve Joss, and determine to stand against the devouring horde. But, as region after region slips into chaos, a young woman sworn to the Goddess may be all that keeps them from annihilation . . .

A haunting tale of individuals swept up by the chaos of war, this is fantasy adventure at its best – rich in texture, filled with colour and excitement.

Kate Elliott – Spirit Gate. Book 1 of Crossroads

I always wanted to try something by Kate Elliott. I was considering her Crown of Stars series as well, but it’s a little too long. The Crossroads Trilogy is the one that made me most curious so I decided to start with it. And if I like it, I will definitely go back for more!

Seventeen years ago Stenwold witnessed the Wasp Empire storming the city of Mynaempire in a brutal war of conquest. Since then he has preached vainly against this threat in his home city of Collegium, but now the Empire is on the march, with its spies and its armies everywhere, and the Lowlands lie directly in its path.

All the while, Stenwold has been training youthful agents to fight the Wasp advance, and the latest recruits include his niece, Che, and his mysterious ward, Tynisa. When his home is violently attacked, he is forced to send them ahead of him and, hotly pursued, they fly by airship to Helleron, the first city in line for the latest Wasp invasion.

Stenwold and Che are Beetle-kinden, one of many human races that take their powers and inspiration each from a totem insect, but he also has allies of many breeds: Mantis, Spider, Ant, with their own particular skills. Foremost is the deadly Mantis-kinden warrior, Tisamon, but other very unlikely allies also join the cause.

As things go from bad to worse amid escalating dangers, Stenwold learns that the Wasps intend to use the newly completed railroad between Helleron and Collegium to launch a lightning strike into the heart of the Lowlands. Then he gathers all of his agents to force a final showdown in the engine yard …

Adrian Tchaikovsky – Empire in Black and Gold. Shadows of the Apt 1

I had it on my list ages ago but then wrote it off.. and recently I read some great reviews on it and now am interested again πŸ˜€ The series is finished by now and the author moved to something different. So at least if I start it and love it, I won’t have to wait for sequels.

What do you think? Good choices or bad ones? And do you know any of those books?


  1. I read Elliott’s whole Crown of Stars series. The last 4 books were a real slog for me. I tried her Spirit Gate hoping that maybe it would be different. I abandoned book 2 and haven’t read a thing by her since. She’s just not an author who can keep my attention or writes about things in a style that I like.

    Tchaikovsky, on the other hand, I’ve loved everything I’ve read by him. Well, except for 1 book. But with an 11 out of 12 book success rate, I’m pretty happy πŸ™‚

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    1. 11 out of 12 is pretty awesome! I didn’t know he wrote that many books already, I just realized that ‘Shadows of the Apt’ consists of 10 novels πŸ˜€ That scares me a little now! But I will still start it.

      I hope I like Elliott!

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  2. Kate Elliott is one of those authors I’ve always kinda wanted to try too, but never have. Ditto for crown of Stars- I’ve looked at it so many times! Will I ever try? Not sure but I keep an eye out for reviews!

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