Review: Dealing with Dragons. Enchanted Forest Chronicles 1 by Patricia C. Wrede

Meet Princess Cimorene–a princess who refustes to be proper. She is everything a dealingprincess is not supposed to be:Β headstrong, tomobyish, smart…
And bored.
So bored that she runs away to live with a dragon. And not just any dragon, but Kazul–one of the most powerful and dangerous dragons arounds. Of course, Cimorene has a way of hooking up with dangerous characters, and soon she’s coping with a witch, a jinn, a death-dealing talking bird, a stone prince, and some very oily wizards.
  1. Dealing with Dragons
  2. Searching for Dragons
  3. Calling on Dragons
  4. Talking to Dragons
This book is so adorable! I am really glad I picked it up. It’s one of those books that leave you happy when you are done with it πŸ˜‰ It is fit for kids and adults alike and can be read in one day as it’s very short.

So what’s so special about it?

Well, for once, it has dragons *points to name of blog* So I am already very pleased. It’s easy to make me a happy reader! Just make sense and give me dragons.

The cool thing about this book is, that it plays with fairytale stereotypes in a very adorable & funny way. Cimorene is the opposite of the perfect princess. She likes studying, fencing, cooking.. everything that’s fun but not proper for a princess. And now she has to marry prince Therandil who is very handsome.. but not very intelligent! Cimorene has had enough and runs away to the dragons who are very confused. Because they normally have to capture a princess first and never encountered one who comes to them willingly. In the end, the dragon Kazul takes her in and her new position leads to all kinds of funny encounters and interesting situations.

The whole story is told tongue-in-cheek and makes for really good entertainment. While Cimorene is trying to explain to several knights that she please doesn’t want to be rescued, sneaky wizards are plotting along and she and her friends have to stop them from succeeding with their evil plans^^

Although the story is not even 300 pages long, it has lots of lovely, likeable characters, like the stone prince or fellow princess Alianora.

I will definitely read some more books by the author, whenever I feel like something short, magical & happy!


  1. “Short, magical, and happy” is exactly how I feel about this series! I’m so glad you liked the first one – I bet you’ll be just as happy with the rest. πŸ™‚ I need to do a reread of these eventually. So much fun!

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