Reading Dune by Frank Herbert: Chapter 34 – End

Finished! In the end I can’t really decide if I liked the book or not. I thought the start was a bit slow, it picked up and really impressed me in the middle – but then we get this jump ahead in time and I felt like I was missing out. Everything I was really interested in wasn’t a big topic anymore and I really would have loved to read about Paul’s first years with the Fremen.

I wanted to read more about sandworms and wanted them to be a bigger threat & part of the story. Same goes for the Spice.

The ending feels rushed and Paul is just too powerful for my liking. Very disappointed in the presentation of Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. I would have liked to see much more of him and not see him go out like that. He would have been a great major player for the next books. If there is one at all. Paul is just too good at everything, so I don’t think anyone can really be a threat to him.

In the end, I can say that I was really into the setting. Arrakis is a great & dangerous place that has so much potential. I loved the Fremen culture, the fact that water is so precious and that they can ride on sandworms. I didn’t like how most of the characters were presented, especially the Harkonnen side. I thought they were so sneaky and ruthless & clever and then Paul just takes them out easily, one by one. Feyd-Rautha should have survived!

I liked to do this little Read Along though. It is fun and helpful for complicated books. I might do a few more in the future. Thanks to everyone who read and commented, you kept me going 🙂

Later today, we will watch the 1980’s Dune movie. I cant wait. Just the picture I can see on Netflix looks epic!


  1. I just started reading this last night. How fitting 🙂

    If you think Paul is too powerful, Herbert agrees with you and the future books delve into that. However, the sequels aren’t quite as accessible as the first so I don’t know whether to recommend them to you or not based on your reaction to this.

    As for the movie. Oh my goodness. The 80’s movie is pretty bad. It is weird beyond belief and the director just did some really weird things, so be prepared.
    I personally liked the SciFi Channel’s miniseries version better. They also did the 2 sequels books as a mini-series. It shows its lack of budget, but it gives you a great idea about the books.

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    1. Even less accessible? Hmm, I might need to think about continuing 😀

      Oh my god, everything you say about the movie makes me pretty excited haha, can’t wait to see how weird it is. And Sting is in it! Will check out the Mini-Series as well. And then wait for news on whether another Dune movie is happening 🙂

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  2. I agree with Bookstooge: being so powerful can be its own doom, indeed…
    Arrakis and the Fremen always were the biggest magnet for me, together with the convoluted politics of the empire, and of course the Bene Gesserit!

    As for the screen adaptations, I’m very curious to hear what you think: the Lynch movie was visually amazing and quite interesting until the point where Paul and Jessica meet the Fremen, then (IMHO, of course) it veered too much into weird territory. Again I second Bookstoge’s opinion about the two TV miniseries: less impressive with the visuals, but more faithful to the original text – although a few of the performer choices were not to my liking.

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      1. I wasn’t too happy with the choice of William Hurt (an otherwise good actor) for the role of Duke Leto: he came across as too wistful and… soft – for want of a better word – than the character required. And the Bene Gesserit looked more ridiculous (oh my, the HATS!) than scary: I far preferred the way they were portrayed in Lynch’s movie.

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      2. I concur about Hurt. Great actor, but not dark and angular enough. He was NOT an Atreides hawk.

        I actually liked the hats 🙂 Most of the costumes I found very visually appealing. They did a great job of making the separate groups obvious. But I can see it not being to everyone’s taste.

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