Reading Dune by Frank Herbert: Chapter 23 – 33

This is not going to be a long post, as I am not stopping to make notes anymore. I am really impressed though and flyingΒ  through the pages. I don’t know what happened in which chapter exactly so here just a few things:

We get a Harkonnen perspective again. This time it’s the Baron manipulating his older nephew Rabban, who is a simple-minded violent brute and hated by most people in the universe^^ The Baron is very aware of that and wants Rabban to take control of Arrakis and start a reign of terror. That way, when Feyd-Rautha is ready, people will embrace him with open arms, as it means no more mean Rabban. Clever idea. I am just curious why Baron Harkonnen is so much into his youngest nephew & expects so much of him. He doesn’t seem like someone who’d give away power easily.. but the way he talks about Feyd-Rautha.. almost as if he’s in love. Also, I haven’t heard from him since the first chapter and I am curious about what he’s up to. Hope we get a chapter there soon.

Also, Baron Harkonnen wants to use Thufir Hawat as his new Mentat. Interesting. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I can see it go both ways. Thufir turning against the Atreides family, as he was already a dodgy character or him realizing his mistakes and trying to destroy the Harkonnens from within.

We also see what happened to Gurney Halleck – he got picked up by the son of the smuggler Tuek, who was killed earlier, and is now set on vengeance. Not as interested in his story though. I hope he meets up with Paul & Jessica soon.

Talking about them… They finally caught up with a group of Fremen and have to prove themselves worthy of them. The leader of the Fremen is Stilgar, the one who had a meeting with Leto earlier on in the book. I just love those scenes! First of all, we get to learn a bit more about the sand worms. The Fremen seem to be able to RIDE them. RIDE! That’s so cool! Secondly, they are connected to the Spice but I didn’t get the whole story there yet. Also, Paul figured that you won’t attract a sand worm if you walk without rhythm.

The Fremen are all pretty suspicious of Paul & Jessica and don’t want to help them at first.. They are alright with Paul, but don’t want Jessica. Until she shows that she is secretly a ninja and recites some poem. Now they are impressed. So everything is fine? No! Of course one guy has to make a scene and challenges Jessica to a championed fight. Paul has to step in and kills that guy. I loved the fighting scene, it was great! I get to like Paul more and more as well. He is a little smart-arse but nobody is perfect. Keeping in mind that there’s a lot of pressure on him and that he’s seeing multiple paths to the future and has to figure out what doesn’t lead to disaster. He also met the girl from his dreams! And acts just like a 15year old should – he blushes. Very cute!

I can’t wait to learn more about the Fremen, the Spice, the sand worms and whether they find a solution for the water problem.


  1. Stilgar is one of my favorite characters: he possesses both wisdom and ruthlessness and knows how to balance them perfectly (well, he would not have risen to his position if he weren’t…).

    I’m happy you’re enjoying this and are now “flying through the pages”!! πŸ™‚

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