Top Ten Tuesday: Fantasy Books I’ll never read


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It’s Freebie-week! I couldn’t think of anything and found this one on the list of past Top Ten Tuesdays. Interesting topic! I will give you a few popular books or series I don’t find interesting at all and will never read. Not counting the ones I tried and didn’t like.

Shannara / Terry Brooks –> When it came to my attention, I already read a couple of books similar to it and didn’t enjoy most of them. I was so over orcs & elves. Still am. Whenever I find anything about elves and orcs and dwarfs, I won’t consider it.

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant / Stephen R. Donaldson –> I am freaked out by leprosy, it gave me nightmares when I was little. Nope, thank you. Also, the main character doesn’t seem like someone I would like.

Outlander Series / Diana Gabaldon –> I am not a fan of time travel and never planned to read it. I watched the first season though and enjoyed it, apart from the sex episodes in the middle. Not interested in season 2 as it wasn’t taking place in Scotland anymore.

Dragonlance / Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman –> Same as with Shannara. Also, it’s too long.

The Mortal Instruments / Cassandra Clare –> I never liked the sound of it. But I watched the movie and thought it was stupid. Good decision to not read it.

The Lunar Chronicles / Marissa Meyer –> I looked into it because everyone seemed to be raving about it. I considered putting it on my wishlist and trying it out but at the time I read a few disappointing YA novels and left it off.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child / Joanne K. Rowling –> The Harry Potter series ended for me with The Deathly Hallows. No thank you, I don’t need more.

Percy Jackson / Rick Riordan –> Saying that I am too old doesn’t really do it, as I still enjoy my Tamora Pierce.. I think the movie scared me away.

The Raven Boys / Maggie Stiefvater –> Seems like it contains too many YA tropes I can’t stand.. So nope. Also, my best friend didn’t like it and I trust her judgement xD We often agree on YA literature.

Divergent / Veronica Roth –> I couldn’t even finish the movie.

Some of the ones I tried and didn’t like are: The Wheel of Time / Robert Jordan, The Sword of Truth / Terry Goodkind, The First Law Trilogy / Joe Abercrombie, Forgotten Realms / R.A. Salvatore, Memory, Sorrow and Thorn / Tad Williams

Throne of Glass / Sarah J. Maas, Daughter of Smoke and Bone / Laini Taylor, Twilight / Stephenie Meyer, Eragon / Christopher Paolini



  1. Never is such a long time. I mean, who knows what you might read in the future. If you were on a deserted island with only a copy of Shannara to read you might actually enjoy it. Just saying. (And, no, Shannara isn’t a favorite of mine.) 🙂


  2. I read some Shannara but I don’t think you’re missing anything. 🙂 Dragonlance- too much of a game world. I liked Memory Sorrow and Thorn when I read it a few years ago but I just read his new book and thoguht it was boring. So I pretty much agree with these although there are some I haven’t tried…

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    1. Good to know that I didn’t miss out on anything awesome 😀 I heard pretty good things about Tad Williams and would maybe be interested in other book series by him.. But the main protagonist in Memory… drove me insane 😀 I couldn’t stand him at all


  3. I refuse to go near Cassandra Clare as she copies all her ideas from other books and I won’t support cheats with my money! The Percy Jackson books are good for action and humour and are better than the films, but the kids become whiny little morons by book three, giving each other the silent treatment and arguing all the time. Totally spoiled the books. I did love The Cursed Child though.

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  4. Can’t count, how often I thought: ” YES, Agreed or ” Nope, you’re right – NEVER” 😀 I tried a few of them, but I didn’t enjoy Divergent enough to read book 2, the same with “Daughter of smoke and bones” (hated it) or “Raven Boys”
    I read at least 200 pages of Outlander, but I can’t stand the victim shaming in it and the f*cking abusive relationship the author tries to sell as romance (I’m angry, by only thinking about it)
    I listened to the first Percy Jackson – wasn’t really happy with it.
    Guess I will never try the Harry Potter play (did not read book 7 from the main series so…) , nor Shannara or Dragonlance, the Lunar Chronicles (YA -.-) or “Throne of Glass” (love triangle ?!)
    I read the first three “Mortal instruments” books, but do not why I did not stop after book 1. Stupid characters, stupid childish romance, boring setting, nope, wasn’t mine at all.

    Also read book 1 of Eragon, but it had a worse writing style and yep, no, ugh, it was soooo booooring. Will not continue with book 2.
    Tad Williams – yep – you know how much I hate Simon Mooncalf. Never got through the whole first book. Boring as well.
    Tried the first two books of “Wheel of Time” (cause Sanderson later… ) but I’m not interested in finishing such a long series. The same with “Sword of Truth” Kind of enjoyed book 1 and 2 – but don’t plan to continue after such a long time.

    If I think about it I will sure find others YA books, I will never try.

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    1. Haha, I knew you would agree with most of them 😀

      Yep, there’s a love triangle in the Sarah J. Maas books. Not very obvious in the first book but I looked it up and it’s coming -.-

      Simon Mooncalf is definitely in my list of most annoying characters! So are most characters of the Wheel of Time I as well would be interested in the Sanderson books.. but no way I will sit through so many Jordans.


      1. Jup, neither will I. The only Jordan character I was interested in was this wolf guy. But I hated most of the females and I don’t think I can be patient enough.

        And no, nope, no love triangles for me… I can’t stand them. They annoy me to hell.
        And the Tad Williams was a bit of a yawn -.-

        I admit – I can read a bad story with interesting or lovely characters, but not the other way around.


  5. The Percy Jackson Movie was the worst thing to happen to the series. The books are infinity better. Those others with movie adaptations on your list are also better as movies but the books still were good. Dragonlance is not for everyone and I’m assuming the same for Shannara. No shame in not reading them.


      1. Hi Robert!

        You mentioning it made me realize how many of those have been turned into movies/TV shows already! I didn’t consider it at all when I wrote the list. Funny^^

        It’s sad that I watched the movie first. I was younger then and probably would have given the books a try at least.

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  6. The Percy Jackson books are better than the movies, but I actually kind of liked the movies as well, so I’m probably not the best judge. Then again, I watched the films before I read the books. They were the kind-of-cringy-but-in-a-good-way films for me. Thomas Covenant is definitely one I’ll be staying away from. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it.

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    1. I watched the first Percy Jackson because it had some of my favourite actors in it 🙂 But they didn’t play a big part in the end 😀

      I heard a lot of good things about Covenant.. but still wouldn’t try it. I am feeling better, knowing that lots of people didn’t like the books haha

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      1. There are definitely a few big names as side characters, now that I think about it. Sean Bean, Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan. Now I’m wondering how the hell did they get them to sign up for the film. Haha.


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