Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden Gems


Today’s topic features books

  • I have never heard of before when I picked them up & they blew me away or
  • didn’t get a lot of publicity but definitely deserve more

The Hollow Gods Series / Rebecca Levene –> So far, it consists of Smiler’s Fair and The Hunter’s Kind. Those books were my highlights in 2016 and I have never heard of the author before. I only picked them up because I liked the cover. Normally I don’t do that at all but it makes me wonder whether I should try it more often if it leads to awesome stories like this one. Great epic Fantasy that is not as predictable as you might think.

The Banned and the Banished / James Clemens –> I never hear anything about this series. It was my favourite when I was about 13 years old. I read all of the 5 books in a row and even reread it. It’s a standard quest Fantasy of a little group trying to defy evil. I remember it being fun to read although it wasn’t very innovative and the names were annoying. Lots of action going on, lots of magical creatures, magic in general, fighting and can be very dark.

Pellinor Saga / Alison Croggon –> Although I haven’t even finished it. I enjoyed the first 2 books very much. It’s a classical teacher/student magical journey Fantasy series. Has a little bit of romancing as well, but it’s a very, very slow burn (which I like).

Everything / Jennifer Fallon –> The Lyre Thief got some positive reviews last year but I don’t see a lot on everything else she published before that. Which is a shame because all of her books are amazing, if you ask me. I thought that especially her Tide Lords Quartet would be more popular as it has everything a good Fantasy series needs. Humor, great dialogue, an awesome world, interesting characters, romancing, surprises..

Dark Horse Series / Mary H. Herbert –> Magic and Flying horses? Okay, maybe not for everyone πŸ˜€ I am probably biased because it was one of the first Fantasy series I read when I was a kid.

Rhapsody Trilogy / Elizabeth Haydon –> Although I was very annoyed at Miss ‘I am so perfect’, Rhapsody herself, this story has great world-building and was highly enjoyable for teenie-me. I thought more young people would like it.

Sword of Shadows / J.V. Jones –> It’s a very dark read and has a great story and characters. A bit like ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. Unfortunately has the same problem. The next part just won’t come out.

Watch Series / Sergej Lukianenko –> It’s super popular in Germany. Great Russian Fantasy about vampires, shape-shifters in the middle of our world.


  1. I loved the Night Watch series. The first book threw me a little because I wasn’t prepared for his style, but after that, and skipping all the song lyrics, I got along famously. I am wondering if he will continue the series or let it be where it ended at in “New Watch”.

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    1. I only read up to ‘Last Watch’, the 4th one. From what I read online, there’s 6 books now, so one more after ‘New Watch’. which is called ‘Sixth Watch’. Was ‘New Watch’ worth reading? I am still not sure if I should continue. Would be great to be back with Anton and co. but I am scared I might be disappointed..

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  2. Ooh The Night Watch sounds fantastic! I remember the Rhapsody books and almost read those but never did. I’ve wondered how they are. And JV Jones is an author I’ve been wanting to try- I like that it seems to have a “northern” flair and I want to try ’em!

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  3. I’ve had A Cavern of Black Ice on my shelf since… forever, but never started it for the same reason you are so annoyed with it – the series seems to have hit a lull and there are no forthcoming books, at least for now.
    And ASOIAF is enough for my scant patience…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  4. Okay, another loooong comment is coming πŸ˜€

    I want to read Smiler’s Fair this year. I don’t think they will translate it into german, so I guess I will read the englisch E-Book.
    The gift – yeah I remember. It was okay for me, but nothing more. I kind of liked the character interaction, but I might be to old for standart quest fantasy, so I never continued with the series.

    Buuut, as you know, I love the Jennifer Fallons books. So far I liked the Hythria chronicles more than the demon trilogy – but I will continue with the tidelord quartet this year ( hopefully) – so far I liked the first book really much. But I can’t remember a lot, so I guess I have to reread it before reading the next book.

    Maybe I would have liked Rhapsody, when I was younger, but a few years ago when I read the first book of this series, I wasnΓ„t impressed. It was boring, the characters were annoying and I needed a huge amount of time to finish it. Never intended to read the next books.

    After all I read the whole Watch Series. The last two books in the series were less action packed and more philosophical. But I like the more mature Anton and the conclusion was satisfying. I’m not sure if I will read the spinoff series – heard very mixed reviews about it. But I put it on my wishlist. So we will see in the future.

    And in the end: I will NEVER NEVER EVER read a J.V.Jones book again. Nope, NEVER! And there is no maybe (not a small one) around. After Melliandra (the WORST BOOK EVER) I will never come near a J.V. Jones book again. Not in my lifetime. Ugh – just ugh! Nope —-

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