Review: The Atlantis Gene. The Origin Mystery 1 by A.G. Riddle

atlantis-gene70,000 years ago, the human race almost went extinct.

We survived, but no one knows how.
Until now.
The countdown to the next stage of human evolution is about to begin, and humanity might not survive this time.

The Immari are good at keeping secrets. For 2,000 years, they have hidden the truth about human evolution. They have also searched for an ancient enemy–a threat that could wipe out the human race. Now the search is over.

Off the coast of Antarctica, a research vessel discovers a mysterious structure buried deep in an iceberg. It has been there for thousands of years, and something is guarding it. As the Immari rush to execute their plan, a brilliant geneticist makes a discovery that could change everything.

Dr. Kate Warner moved to Jakarta, Indonesia to escape her past. She has yet to recover from what happened to her, but she has made an incredible breakthrough: a cure for autism. Or so she thinks. What she has found is far more dangerous–for her and the entire human race. Her work could be the key to the next stage of human evolution. In the hands of the Immari, it would mean the end of humanity as we know it.

Agent David Vale has spent ten years trying to stop the Immari. Now he has run out of time. His informant is dead. His organization has been infiltrated. His enemy is hunting him. But when David receives a coded message related to the Immari attack, he risks everything to save the one person that can help him solve it: Dr. Kate Warner.

Together, Kate and David must race to unravel a global conspiracy and learn the truth about the Atlantis Gene… and human origins. Their journey takes them to the far corners of the globe and into the secrets of their pasts. The Immari are close on their heels and will stop at nothing to obtain the research Kate has done and force the next stage of human evolution–even if it means killing 99.9% of the world population. David and Kate can stop them… if they can trust each other. And stay alive.

464 pages
Riddle Inc.
published in 2013

1. The Atlantis Gene
2. The Atlantis Plague
3. The Atlantis World

This book sounded pretty cool and got lots of exciting reviews. I was expecting a lot but in the end, I was disappointed. Although I liked the topic, the mystery of human origin, as well as the setting – Jakarta, Antarctica, mysterious caves under the Ocean, I found it to be very lazy writing.

At first I liked David, the main character. There’s always a place in my heart for badass soldiers and especially those who believe in conspiracy theories, but David turned out to be indestructible. He survived absolutely everything. Cleans out a whole building of soldiers on his own, somehow always gets away, there’s always a plane(!) or something else very convenient lying around for him. He gets shot a couple of times and there are no real medical supplies to treat him? Survives it. Gets shot again several times in a cave under the freaking ocean but hey, take this mysterious paste, it makes all of your wounds vanish. Wooo!

Often it seemed like the author wrote himself into a corner and could only keep the action going by using the concept of Deus ex Machina. That happened way too often. Even when he tried to explain it, it seemed too unbelievable for me.

Also, too much information dumping. We have the same conversation a couple of times and it’s annoying.

The diary entries in the middle of the book consist of too much unnecessary information and all those revelations in the end of the book about certain characters’ identities are ridiculous. Oh yes, and suddenly some random characters are actually related and everyone is not what they seem to be. Too much! Too much coincidence!

And lets not even talk about that LAZY sex scene that didn’t need to be there at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like my sexy scenes. But this one wasn’t even sexy. It wasn’t even half a page and didn’t make sense at that point at all. You are in grave danger. Get away. But no, need to have sex. Oh whoops, we didn’t get away, what a shame.

It was very confusing sometimes and certain things didn’t make sense.

Also, let’s put in some Nazis, just to be completely sure on who the bad guys are.

Didn’t like it.



  1. Over time (and a few disappointing books…) I’ve grown very suspicious of stories shaped like this one seems to be: they are usually fueled by too much sensationalism and too little character development – not to mention consistency.
    From your review I see that all the major flaws of this kind of book were present: my sincere admiration for soldiering on until the end – I don’t think I would have managed it… 🙂

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