Books I’m looking forward to in 2017

I missed the Top Ten Tuesday this week but I still want to show you the books I am looking forward to most next year! Some of them don’t have covers yet..

Retribution. The War of the Gods 2 / Jennifer Fallon –> March 2017. Can’t wait to get back to this! The first part was awesome already, but I expected that 😉

Assassin’s Fate. Fitz & Fool Trilogy 3 / Robin Hobb –> May 2017. I am super excited for the conclusion of this trilogy. And also a little sad as it will probably mean the end of Fitz & Fool books. For a while at least.

The Sun’s Domain. The Hollow Gods 3 / Rebecca Levene –> I can’t find it on amazon, but the author’s homepage says that it will get published in June 2017.

Oathbringer. Stormlight Archive 3 / Brandon Sanderson –> OMG YESSSS! Will get published in the end of the year and I am soo happy! Didn’t expect it at all but I take it!

The Ninth Rain. The Winnowing Flame Trilogy 1 / Jen Williams –> The only first book on this list. Just sounds really cool. Saying that though, I still have to read The Copper Promise by Jen Williams first. It’s been on my wishlist for ages now.

The Thorn of Emberlain. Gentleman Bastard Sequence 4 / Scott Lynch–> IT HAS TO BE 2017, RIGHT?!

The Doors of Stone. Kingkiller Chronicle 3 / Patrick Rothfuss –> … Okay. who am I kidding…

The Winds of Winter. A Song Of Ice and Fire 5 / George R. R. Martin –> Haha.. ha… let’s just stop.


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