End of the Year-Challenge: Update #4

My Challenge

I missed last week, so this is for the last 2 weeks.

Finished: 2

  • Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven –> Strong start, got a bit boring in the middle, but picked up in the end and all in all it was definitely worth picking up.
  • Calamity by Brandon Sanderson –> I did not like the ending. Maybe I am spoiled by Sanderson’s awesome writing and his ideas. But this just didn’t feel right. It felt like a let down and was too far-fetched if you ask me. I am glad I am done with this series though. Hope there are tons of new Sandersons getting published next year!

TBR: 1

  • The Bazaar of Broken Dreams by Stephen King

Started: 3

  • City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin 229/598
  • Rogues by GRRM & Gardner Dozois 201/909
  • Dune by Frank Herbert 4/100%

I am not so sure anymore if I can really finish my Challenge. There’s still soo much too read and I am not into the short story collection at all at the moment. Also, I am pretty busy and couldn’t find a lot of time to read the last weeks.

But I finally started Dune and read the first 2 chapters. What the hell! What is this, where am I? What are those words? What’s a Bene Gesserit and why is the fat Harkonnen man so mean? I am trying but I don’t get a lot yet.Β  Maybe I should do a read-along or something. That might make it easier to keep track. There are so many made-up words I don’t understand yet.


      1. It probably wouldn’t be until February. But I’ve already read Dune several times, so no worries. I do look forward to your thoughts, as you only read Dune for the first time once πŸ˜€

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