My November

Good month! I finished 5 books and started a few more.

What I read

Cell by Stephen King –> finished!

The Mortal Tally by Sam Sykes –> finished!

Joyland by Stephen King –> finished!

The Hunter’s Kind by Rebecca Levene –> finished!

Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven –> finished!

Rogues by George R. R. Martin –> 200 pages in. And about 700 to go. I haven’t been into short stories lately and didn’t pick it up. Maybe I will try one today.

Calamity by Brandon Sanderson –> 20% in. Just as I expected, this will be a quick read. Hopefully enjoyable. At the moment David is too lucky. He gets away with everything, which is unbelievable as he doesn’t have superpowers. Not that we know of. And I hate him trying to be funny. He’s not funny, he’s trying too hard and being a jerk.

What I watched

The Walking Dead –> Yeah. Hm, don’t know. It’s too depressing at the moment and follows characters I don’t care about. One full episode was about Tara. TARA! I want Rick and Michonne and Carol and Daryl and even Ezekiel. They give me Tara. [Spoiler now] Also, I really miss Merle Dixon. Killed off too early. He was one of the most interesting characters and I WANT HIM BACK!

Westworld –> OMG WTF! I can’t believe they swerved us so hard! It’s a great show, I can only recommend it to everyone. Anthony Hopkins is awesome in it. So is Ed Harris! Everyone, go watch it. Also, the opening credits are a thing of beauty. Love the music.

Vikings –> We are up to date now and the second part of the 4th season premiers today or tomorrow. Not for us unfortunately. We will have to wait until January. Although it sometimes seemed like a Filler Season, I did enjoy it very much. I just like the setting, the time period, the actors, the Norse mythology in general and I have a crush on Lagertha. And Ragnar. And Bjorn lately.

We went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them and LOVED IT! Such a good movie! It’s magical, funny, sad, exciting and I want to watch it again! I loved all the animals, especially the little platypus thingy ❤ Much better than the Harry Potter movies. I actually only liked the first 2. After that it went downhill.


  1. I hear ya when it comes to the Walking Dead. I hate when they spend a whole episode on one group and then we are waiting forever to find out what is happening with another. I think there are only two episodes left this season and I don’t think we’ve spent enough time with any of these characters.

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  2. Was ist “swerved”? Ich hab den Begriff noch nie gehört. Bei Westworld hab ich nur Angst, dass es a) zu sehr am Schauplatz hängt… und b) zu viel Sex? (gibt es da viel Sex in der Serie? Ich hasse so was)

    Wir haben den Film am Dienstag gesehen und ich kann nicht behaupten, dass ich den gut fand. Die meiste Zeit passiert einfach nichts und ich verstehe nicht, wieso man zwei Storylines zusammen gepappt hat, die nichts miteinander zu tun haben. Das wirkte total gewollt, dass das Mädel plötzlich Erinnerungen hatte, die mit dem Obskuritas zusammen hingen.
    Natürlich hatte der Film süße und schöne Szenen (vor allem die Szenen IM Koffer mit all den Tieren) aber genau darauf hätten sich die Filmemacher konzentrieren sollen. Das Ende hätte man auch besser gestalten können. Zu viel Bums und dann zu viel Geheule – wo man dafür eine einfache Lösung hätte finden können.
    Es gibt schlechtere Filme, aber dem allgemeinen Lob kann ich mich nicht anschließen.


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