Books I did not finish #1: Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

This book sucks.

I only got to page 40 and don’t want to keep on reading.

  • The language is pretentious.
  • The narrator is a smug prick, who’s lecturing the reader and tries to be funny. Shut up, I’m not your gentlefriend!
  • The story doesn’t flow. It has a weird structure. Jumps back and forth between past and present of the main character too quickly. I can’t get into it.
  • Information Dumping!! Lots of unnecessary information! Just tell your story, dammit!
  • The footnotes in general. They are either giving us too much information or a stupid, annoying comment by the narrator that’s supposed to be funny or witty. Seriously, at one point the narrator mentions some order of priests who have their tongues cut off so they can’t spill any important secrets (writing them down, maybe?), just so he can make a stupid joke about them not finding wives because they can’t satisfy them in bed?! The footnotes don’t help at all. They interrupt the story. If almost half of your pages consist of footnotes, you’re doing something wrong. Look at Pratchett’s work. He’s doing it right! I show you how it looks like. And this is not an exception in this novel:img_2206

I might have liked the story itself. It definitely sounded cool and I am always a fan of magic schools. That’s where the main character is headed, but I just can’t bother any more, as the way it’s written just makes me annoyed. It’s not for me.


  1. I don’t think it’s for me either, from what I’ve heard. Yeah cool idea maybe but the execution sounds goofy- and those footnotes would drive me nuts. I don’t mind an occasional one, but all the time and lengthy like that- just no. It almost sounds like was going out of his way to be edgy or something, especially in that whole is it appropriate for YA discussion that went on a while back? I’m definitely passing on this.

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