End of the Year-Challenge: Update #1

In response to this post. I will try to give an update on my progress every Friday until the end of the year.

All in all it has been a pretty good start of my challenge! I finished 3 books and started or continued a few others.

Finished: 3

  • Cell by Stephen King –> Great start, likeable characters, interesting villains but the ending was underwhelming and King killed my favourite character in the middle of the book. AGAIN!
  • The Mortal Tally by Sam Sykes –> I only had about 25% of this to read but it was soo boring! It didn’t feel like the story moved forward at all. It’s a giant angst & whine-party. Also, all of the characters follow their own paths which I hated as their interactions made the first book for me. It’s a shame, as I really liked the first book and just had some minor complaints. Unfortunately the second book was mostly everything I didn’t like about the first one. I might skip the conclusion of this trilogy.
  • Joyland by Stephen King –> I enjoyed this a lot. Although it lacked the horror elements and was very short for a King novel. The amusement park was a great setting though.

TBR: 3

  • Calamity by Brandon Sanderson
  • The Bazaar of Broken Dreams by Stephen King
  • Dune by Frank Herbert

Started: 5

  • City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin 229/598
  • Nevernight by Jay Kristoff 39/427
  • The Hunter’s Kind by Rebecca Levene 52/468
  • Rogues by GRRM & Gardner Dozois 113/909
  • Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven 55%

I am thinking about not finishing Lucifer’s Hammer as I can’t get back into it. I only manage to read a couple of pages at a time before I lose interest. Maybe I try to push through it and hope it gets better again. But there’s still so much of it.. At the moment I am reading The Hunter’s Kind. It seems to be just as good as Smiler’s FairΒ and easy to get into immediately. While I enjoy the new point of view characters like Cwen, I am not so happy that one of the main characters from the first book, who was supposed to be dead, survived. That’s a bit unbelievable as this person was ON FIRE! But hey.. see where this leads us. I am also simultaneously reading the anthology Rogues and the first 2 short stories have been pretty entertaining! I even liked the first one by Abercrombie. Who would have thought. Am about to finish the third one and will get right back to it.



  1. I had exactly the same reaction to Cell. I loved the start of the disaster but the last third of the book just went to weirdsville and stopped appealing to me. It seems to be a pattern with King books at times-either that or they are starting off too slow and I lose interest.

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