Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Added To My To-Be-Read List Lately


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The Last Girl. Dominion Trilogy 1 /  Joe Hart –> The start of a post-apocalyptic series that takes place in a world where only less than 1% of newborns are girls. Sounds like an interesting situation, I will give it a try.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet / Charlie N. Holmberg –> Easy one – I loved all of Holmberg’s books so far and they are a nice reading snack, as they are very short and leave me happy.

Empire Ascendant. The Mirror Empire 2 / Kameron Hurley –> This was one I wasn’t so sure about as I loved and hated the first one. The story has potential though and I was interested in most of the characters. Also, it will probably not be as confusing as the first book. I am pretty sure I know what’s up now with those parallel worlds.


A Cavern of Black Ice. Sword of Shadows 1 / J.V. Jones –> This is a special one, as I already read it. As well as the second book of the series 😀 It is just soooo long ago and I don’t remember a lot. Just some images. I also remember that it was very dark & brutal and VERY captivating. Also, that it took ages for the books to get published. I want to start all over again and catch up with this great series! I don’t even own the books any more!

Misery / Stephen King –> Just like everything else Mr. King ever wrote. Misery is the newest addition to my wishlist. Others will follow!

London / Christoph Marzi –> By a German author whose books about Emily Laing I always loved. This is a sequel to those and I can’t wait to read it!

A Darker Shade of Magic / V.E. Schwab –> Because of all the buzz about it. Still a bit reluctant to buy it though, I will decide next year.


Silence of the Grave. Reykjavik Murder Mysteries 2 / Arnaldur Indridason –> I enjoyed the first one but wasn’t sure if I wanted more. Now I am sure. Yep, I will try the second one as well and hope it’s just as good.

The Atlantis Gene. The Origin Mystery Book 1 / A.G. Riddle –> Seems to be very popular and sounds like something I would like. I give this one a try as well.

Swamplandia! / Karen Russell –> Sounds WEIRD and I need some weird sometimes.


  1. Au spannend… Ich bin ziemlich froh, dass ich gesehen habe, dass Charlie N. Holmbergs Papiermagier Serie weiter übersetzt wird. Nächstes Jahr erscheint bei uns “Glasmagier” – da bin ich ziemlich gespannt drauf.
    Von J.V. Jones werde ich nach dem Flop mit Melliandra nie nie nie niemals und unter keinen Umständen noch mal ein Buch anfassen. Da gruselt es mich schon beim Zusehen ^^
    Misery habe ich nicht gelesen, aber ich kenne den Film und den fand ich ziemlich gut. Da könnte ich mir sogar vorstellen, das Buch auch mal zu lesen. Allein das Thema ist ja schon mega interessant.
    A darker Shade of Magic erscheint glaube ich 2017 schon auf Deutsch und ich hatte kurz überlegt ob ich das lesen will. Auf Grund des Hypes, aber irgendwie finde ich die Inhaltsangabe gar nicht mal soooo spannend und daher bin ich da echt unsicher. So richtig neugierig bin ich nicht, aber wenn alle Welt das Buch so gut findet? (Ich meine, ugh, Falling Kingdoms wird GELIEBT und ich habe das Kackbuch gehasst wie die Pest)
    Das letzte Buch klingt wirklich extrem abgedreht. Da bin ich gespannt auf deinen Beitrag.

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    1. Au, super! Ich bin gespannt, wie dir die Paper Magician Buecher gefallen 🙂
      Haha, ich denke wenn ich Melliandra zuerst gelesen haette, wuerd ich auch KEIN Buch von J.V. Jones mehr anfassen xD Gluecklicherweise hab ich die Sword of Shadows Reihe vorher angefangen und war begeistert. Echt unglaublich wie doll sich beide Reihen in der Qualitaet unterscheiden.
      Jahaa, Falling Kingdoms xD das seh ich dauernd und denke dann immer daran, dass du das gar nicht mochtest. Werds auch definitiv nicht lesen, bei YA sind wir ja so ziemlich immer einer Meinung!


  2. I like the name of your blog…zombies are one of my favourite reading topics and I have a huge zombie collection! I just started watching Game of Thrones so just had to grab those books this week though most fantasy I read is urban fantasy. I read Misery years ago and liked it though ‘IT’ is my favourite Stephen King. It was nice to find your blog this week!

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    1. Thanks for your reply! I need to check out your zombie collection – I am always looking for new stuff there 🙂
      Unfortunately I never finished IT – that was the only King book I didn’t like, although it started pretty good and I liked the topic. But I never really got a connection with most of the characters, especially the main guy. Can’t wait to start Misery!


  3. I have ADSOM in my list too. I’ve heard about it for a while, but I chose to read Vicious first and was really blown away by it. Excited to jump in to more of Schwab’s work and I’m planning to start with ADSOM.


  4. I have seen JV Jones a few times in bookstores, and wondered if they were good. They sort of have that old school fantasy look, and I’ve hear they’re dark. I might have to seek these out. And I don’t know what it is but I just love the titles of that series, they seem so evocative. 🙂 Yes titles and cover art will get me every time!

    I keep seeing Kameron Hurley around so I may need to look into those as well. The Atlantis Gene is another one I don’t know about but that cover makes me want to know more.

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    1. I have good and bad experience with J.V. Jones 🙂 While I love the Sword of Shadows series I hated The Book of Words. It’s too full of dumb stereotypes and so predictable.

      Haha, I understand you when it comes to pretty covers. The version of A Cavern of Black Ice they have at my local bookstore looks amazing and I need to pick it up as soon as I can 😉

      Hurley is not your average Fantasy writer as she mixes up male & female stereotypes. It’s fun to read although a few things I didn’t get at first. It’s a bit complicated. The covers for those are great as well. I only have the Kindle version but maybe one day I want them on my shelf!


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