End of 2016 – Challenge

I am trying it now – I’d like to get rid of my TBR and start 2017 with exactly ZERO books to be read. So that I can go and buy TONS OF NEW BOOKS! Okay, maybe not tons.. But a few! And I will be able to read them immediately, yay!

2016 hasn’t been my best year when it comes to finishing books. Not by far! But I am optimistic and really into reading at the moment – that’s why I decided to set some goals. Right now I am totally motivated and want to read all of my books at once!

I have exactly 6 books at home I haven’t started yet and 4 I am currently reading. I am almost done with one of them and halfway through 2. That’s 10 books I want to read in 2 months. For most people that sounds easy! But for me it will be a real challenge. I am looking forward to it 🙂

Anyone else into challenges? You are all welcome to join 😀


  1. My reading has slowed down a bit lately but hopefully that changes soon! Good luck with your goal and I agree- how awesome would it be to start 2017 with no TBR pile looming over my head? I hope you make it!

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    1. Thanks Greg! How much do you read normally? I hardly ever read more than 50 books a year, but this year has been very busy and I am lucky if I get to half of that 😉 I love reading at the moment though and already finished one of my books yesterday. Good times!


  2. Hm, das wären bei mir 3 Robin Hobb Bücher, 3 Jennifer Fallon Bücher (+ 1 Reread vorher) und Sünderfall. Dazu käme der angefangene Druide, und 2 Alcatraz Bände von Sanderson. Das würde ich nie im Leben schaffen. Vor allem weil ich mir jetzt eine Weihnachtsbuch-Challenge auferlegt habe.

    Aber ich drück dir mega doll die Daumen. Und schreib ganz viele Updates, ja? Ich will unbedingt wissen, wie es mit dem SUB Abbau bei dir voran geht 😀 Hätt’ ich nicht die Weihnachtsbücher, die ich lesen will, wär ich auf jeden Fall dabei gewesen.

    Ich versuch dafür nächstes Jahr meinen SUB schnell auf 0 zu bekommen. Ich starte dann 2018 ohne SUB 😀


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