My October

It’s apparently my thing now to just finish 2 books a month 😀

What I read

The Black Company by Glenn Cook –> finished & reread! Liked it better than the first time. I didn’t remember all the backstabbing and power struggles going on and how the company is caught fighting for the mean guys. Or are they? Loved a lot of the characters and am looking forward to reading about them again.

Smiler’s Fair by Rebecca Levene –> finished!! I wrote a review here. Very impressed by this and already ordered the second part. It’s epic High Fantasy, that’s messing with standard Fantasy tropes and makes its characters do horrible things! Loved the detail, the story, the style of writing, absolutely everything!

Cell by Stephen King –> currently 232 pages in. Like it so far. King always gets me invested in his characters and this time it’s not different. I like the little group and the fact that the infected ‘Zombies’ are constantly evolving and different than the usual kind.

Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven –> 55% in. I am stuck a little. The perspective at the moment – a freaking mailman who thinks he still has to deliver the mail, although the world is obviously going down, annoys me. I really want to finish it soon though. I still like the setting and most of the other perspectives were interesting to read. So I just have to suck it up and hope Mr. Mailman falls into a hole pretty soon.

There are currently 5 books on my TBR, which is pretty good! Maybe I can read them all this year? That would be a challenge, considering that I don’t read so much at the moment.

What I have been watching

The Walking Dead started again! I have to admit, I wasn’t happy with the last season or the one before. I think it was all dragging on a bit too much and the characters were too protected. So this season premiere was pretty good, apart from Negan talking way too much. He got on my nerves after a while! I am curious about how this goes on and hope they would stop doing episodes that only deal with one storyline. I don’t want to wait weeks to see my favourite characters again!!

Westworld is awesome so far as well! Great story and good actors. Also, I love the opening theme..

We watched a couple of movies as well. The Conjuring was boring, Vacation unexpectedly funny and The Rocker was okay. And then we watched Sheitan, a French Horror-Comedy.. which was the weirdest stuff I’ve ever seen.


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