Top Ten Tuesday: Character names for pets


hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


This one is fun! I will give you the list of Character names that I have picked or would pick for my pets:

Frodo –> I had a rabbit whom I named Frodo. He turned out to be a girl but still kept the name 🙂

Edward –> Another rabbit was called after Edward from Twilight. Wasn’t my choice though. Not a fan of the books, but the name somehow fit the bunny very well!

Chyna –> I gave one of my chickens the name of a female wrestler from the 90’s. Fits her very well, as she’s the biggest one and most dominant!

Loki –> When we get a dog, I want to call him Loki.

Randy Savage –> My Boyfriend called one of our rabbits Randy Savage. UUH YEAHHH

That’s Randy, no, he’s not dead



  1. Loki is such a good name for a pet!! Especially if you get a mischievous one, right?!?😂 My dog is named Atticus (literary pets FTW!) but he should’ve been Loki because he’s the cheekiest little thing. heheh.


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