Fandom Mashup #2

Hosted by Lunar Rainbows Reviews

Today’s scenario: You’ve become famous! *hair flip* Who’s going to be part of your entourage?

  1. The Rock –> I need a bodyguard. A good-looking bodyguarddwayne-rock-johnson
  2. Tyrion Lannister / Game of Thrones –> A drinking buddy who gives good advise, yes?tyrion_1_3295189b
  3. Mike Ehrmantraut / Better Call Saul & Breaking Bad –> Another bodyguard with connections to do the dirty workmike-ehrmantraut-breaking-bad-mike-ehrmantraut-36839137-1280-720
  4. Michonne / The Walking Dead –> I need one good girlfriend who has my backmichonne_featured
  5. Allanon / The Shannara Chronicles –> For reasonsallanon


  1. Yum^^ The Rock! I like that idea a lot 😀 And Mike from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul?! OH MAN now I wish I’d added him to my list too! Awesome team here^^ and thanks for participating!! xx


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