Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite antagonists


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This is hard! I mostly like characters who are shady, but not downright evil.  I always found villains who are evil without reason pretty boring. So I give you my list of mostly shady antagonists and some pure evil meanies 😉

Jaime Lannister / A Song of Ice and Fire –> And here I am talking about book Jaime, as his arc of redemption is much better than the one given to us in the TV show.

Captain Kennit / Liveship Traders by Robin Hobb –> A scheming, backstabbing & ruthless pirate who is a compelling character!

The Man in Black or Randal Flagg / The Dark Tower by Stephen King –> Also appears in other novels by King. Great antagonist. Mysterious, threatening, powerful.

Zabulon / Watch Series by Sergei Lukyanenko –> Great series in general – reminds me that I would love to reread it at some point. I always loved the dynamics between the different fractions. Zabulon is supposed to be the villain but we get to see many different layers to his character.

Prince Regal / Farseer Series by Robin Hobb –> Oh god, I hated him SO DAMN MUCH!!!! And that makes him a good villain, right? Couldn’t stand this little sh*t.

Kallor – The Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson –> Although it’s hard to say as most Erikson characters are heroes and villains at the same time. Kallor was once a ruthless ruler and did some pretty nasty things.

Melisande / Kushiel Trilogy by Jacqueline Carey –> I hated her with a passion… Seductive, power-mad and probably the best antagonist in the whole series.

Dolores Umbridge / Harry Potter by Joanne K. Rowling –> Not Voldemort, but Umbridge made me sooo ANGRY!!!

The Limper / The Black Company by Glen Cook –> I am reading the book right now and he freaks me out. Stuff from your worst nightmares. You can hear him coming and his face is half falling off ugh. And of course he wants to torture & kill you.


  1. Jaime- I love that guy, even though he did push Bran out a window. 😦 His redemption arc in Storm of swords is one of my favorite parts of the series. I almost picked him too. And Regal- he was SO bad I hated him so much. Good grief he was a b*stard! Robin Hobb can write villains…

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  2. Ugh, Regal (oder Prinz “Edel” im Deutschen) wird auch auf meiner Liste sein. An Melisandre habe ich gar nicht mehr gedacht. Aber ich werde wohl nacher auch eine harte Zeit haben, eine Liste zusammen zu stellen 😀 Vielleicht nehme ich auch Antagonisten aus TV-Shows dazu. Ich setz mich nacher mal dran.

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  3. Ugh I’m like 10000% sure Umbridge was worse Voldemort! SHE WAS SUCH PURE EVIL and Voldemort was just…noseless.😂 Bahaha I’m kidding. He was pretty bad too! But Umbridge still wins for worse HP villain *nods* And yesss, I love Jaime Lannister! I mean, I hated him, but he has so much complex character development. :’)
    Here’s my TTT!

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    1. Yay, we love Jaime for being such a great character we can love & hate at the same time 🙂 And yesss, Voldemort was, for most of the time, the threatening evil in the background, while others were more present. Like Umbridge 😀 I don’t hate him so much. ^^


  4. Ah, Jaime. I forget to include him in villain lists because I like him so much (in the books) and while he’s a ruthless murderer, that’s so inadequate in comparison to some of the other villains of ASOIAF 😉

    I’m with you though – I do prefer shady or morally ambiguous to downright eeeeeeeevil (I just plain hated Joff, for example).

    This is why I love Melisande so much. She’s definitely a villain, but she has her own moral framework – it’s just a shame it’s unforgivable 🙂

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    1. You are right, there are soo many good villains in GOT and some much worse than Jaime. Joff definitely, Roose Bolton, Ramsey and so on xD But yeah, I am biased towards Jaime 😀

      I am happy that more people than I thought know and like the Kushiel Trilogy 🙂


  5. Jaime Lannister is such a great character in the books! I had several reasons to quit the TV-series and Jaime’s character arc was one of them.
    Umbridge is just horrible. I’m currently rereading the whole Harry Potter-books and I’m really not looking forward to book 5 because I can’t stand her.


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