Fandom Mashup #1

Hosted by Lunar Rainbows Reviews and I thought it was a funny idea. Every week there is a different scenario you find yourself in and you have to pick characters from different fandoms that might help you in your situation.

Today’s scenario is: You’ve time-travelled back into the 70’s – groovy baby! Who do you want to ‘give peace a chance’ with?

  1. The 10th Doctor / Doctor Who! –> He has all the time-travelling experience and can bring his Tardis along. I choose the 10th Doctor because he’s my favourite and I think he would fit nicely into the 70’s 😉 10th
  2. Rick / Rick and Morty –> Another time & dimension-travelling expert with lots of scientific knowledge 😀 Might actually enjoy the 70’s but will definitely get us in trouble.rickandmorty_ep209_002_lo9o0o9ian890be521vs
  3. Claire Fisher / Six Feet Under –> If she stops being grumpy, she would be perfect in the 70’s. Can live out her creativity…claire-six-feet-under-17457759-400-251
  4. Jesse Pinkman / Breaking Bad –> Same as Claire, I think he would enjoy the 70’s. I think he would get along with Claire as well so that would be great 😉jesse
  5. Abed / Community –> Just because I like to have him around.abed


  1. I don’t know most of these (and I thought I was up on shows) but it looks like a good team.And very 70’s- worthy. 🙂 Definitely agree with the Doctor. And the Tardis would be a great refuge to get away from all the plaid!

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