Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my Spring TBR list


hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

No Fall, but Spring is in the air 🙂 Here is what I would like to read this season (some of the books I already started):


Calamity / Brandon Sanderson –> I really need to finish this trilogy and for some reason it’s a nice weather book for me. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because I read the first two in Spring/Summer as well.

Dune / Frank Herbert –> Or I will never pick it up.

The City of Mirrors / Justin Cronin –> I already started a little and it’s very promising. Can’t wait to get back to it and finish this trilogy.


Cell / Stephen King –> That’s just what I like. King+Zombies=YES! And soon to be seen as a movie, so I better read it first.

Lucifer’s Hammer / Larry Niven –> I am cheating a little with this, as I already started and am halfway through. But it’s gotta be finished in Spring, so all good 🙂

Silence of the Grave / Arnaldur Indridason –> I liked the first book in this series and would like to see if the second is just as good. Gotta mix it up with a thriller now and then.


Deadhouse Gates / Steven Erikson –> Re-Read! I re-read Gardens of the Moon a while ago and now it;s time to pick up the sequel again. Can’t wait to read about all of my favourite characters again and see how much I remember & what hints I might have missed

Sourcery / Terry Pratchett –> Re-Read as well! Last year I started re-reading the whole Discworld Series and it’s Sourcery’s turn now.

The Fate of the Tearling / Erika Johansen –> It’s supposed to get published in the end of November and I will probably read it immediately.

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet / Charlie N. Holmberg –> Probably another short & magical story to read in a day.


  1. Na schau an ^^ Da haben wir doch eine Gemeinsamkeit. Die Spiegelstadt von Cronin erscheint bei uns auch bald und wird auch auf meiner Liste auftauchen. Auf die Übersetzung von Calamity warte ich ja immer noch (genauso wie auf die Übersetzung von Shadows of Self und Bands of…) und um das Erika Johansen Buch beneide ich dich unfassbar doll. Ich würde auch so gerne direkt wissen, wie es weiter/aus geht. Auch wenn ich gar nicht so begeistert bin, wenn die Reihe vorbei ist. Werde mich aber vermutlich eh kaum an meine Leselisten halten. Wie immer -.-


  2. I still have to get to Calamity as well. But I wasn’t quite as taken with the first two books so we’ll see when I get to it. 🙂 Yeay for Terry Pratchett 😀 Rereading already. I still have so many of his books yet to read. 😀


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