Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Laneocean
192 pages
William Morrow
published in 2013

A man returns to the site of his childhood home where, years before, he knew a girl named Lettie Hempstock who showed him the most marvelous, dangerous, and outrageous things, but when he gets there he learns that nothing is as he remembered.

This one is a great tale about friendship, overcoming temptations & finding strength, that reminds me of a fairy tale.

The story is told from the main character’s pov and brings us back to his childhood. The narrator remains nameless throughout the whole book.

As a 7 year old boy, the main character is living a solitary life with his family. He is shy, used to daydreaming and reading & doesn’t have any friends. Sad little kid had no one come to his birthday party. He was alone with his sister and her girlfriends. That’s nothing a kid should experience 😦

Pretty soon though our boy meets 11 year old Lettie Hempstock, who is living close by with her mum and granny. They are all very mysterious and peculiar, but the narrator enjoys their company and starts forming a friendship with Lettie.

I loved all of the characters. Especially all of the Hempstock ladies are special and have their own personalities that make them different from each other. I was invested in the main character’s fate and could feel his despair. I was able to relate to him and thought that the development he went through was believable.

In the beginning of the story, Lettie decides to take the boy along on a quest to find and catch a monster that is tormenting the local people. Normally this is not a complicated procedure, but something goes wrong..

Fantastic elements are introduced and the life of the main character changes dramatically as the story turns dark and very suspenseful.



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