Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books That Have Been On My Shelf/Kindle The Longest


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This one is actually a hard topic for me, as I don’t have a big pile of books TBR. At the moment there are only 4 books and 4 ebooks xD So I just give you those, starting with the oldest.

The Falcon Throne / Karen Miller –> I bought it back in 2014, because it was a special offer in the Kindle Store and sounded a bit like ASOIAF. There was always something else I wanted to read instead though. And now I am not sure if I am still interested ;-/

Dune / Frank Herbert –> bought in 2015. I am scared, that’s why I keep pushing it back xD I really want to read i though. I have a weird relationship with this one, although I haven’t even started it yet.

Rogues / George R. R. Martin –> A short story collection bought in early 2016. I was about to start, but the first short story is by Joe Abercrombie and I don’t like his writing. So I put it away and never got back. I will though, but probably take a long time with it.

Smiler’s Fair / Rebecca Levene –> Bought in early 2016. Normally I do research before I buy a book, but this one I picked up because I liked the cover. And it’s about a magic fair, so that sounds cool!

Calamity / Brandon Sanderson –> Early 2016, when it was published. I have a love-hate relationship with the Reckoner’s trilogy. It is good, but my least favourite Sanderson series. Will read it soon though to finish the trilogy.

The Bazaar of Broken Dreams / Stephen King –> A short story collection I bought this May.

The City of Mirrors / Justin Cronin –> July 2016. The last part of the trilogy and soon to be read!

The Demon King / Cinda Williams Chima –> bought last week 😀


  1. I have not picked up a Brandon Sanderson book. I have the first book in his Mistborn series, which I really want to start soon. It’s been a while since I read The Demon King, but I believe I enjoyed that one. I hope you do too and that you get a chance to pick up more of the books on your list this week!

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  2. Oh get on The Demon King. I love that book!

    I just read the first two books of The Reckoners and I wasn’t quite pleased with it. So I’m leaving Calamity for a bit. I want to try The Way of Kings after that though. I hope I’ll like that better.

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  3. My TBR’s not usually huge either although I do have about five or so books all lined up at the moment. I’m the same way with the anthologies, both Rogues and Old Venus look good but I haven’t gotten to either of them yet. And I hope you like Dune. I’ve only read the first book but it bored me to tears, I guess I’m not a Dune fan. 🙂

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  4. I redused my TBR to a minimum also. But I will wait for the German editions of Calamity and the last Justin Cronin book in the trilogy. As soon I will have a hand on it, I will read it, although the Reckoners series isn’t my favorite either.
    I stumble a lot over the Demon King in the last weeks, and I might read it someday in the future. But I’m always scared of YA books, because – yeah – for reasons.
    And I have the same problems with short story collections. There is a Sherlock Holmes collection waiting on my shelf, but I don’t tend to reach for it.
    The other books on my TBR are really chunky books and sometimes I need something lighter and more fast pasted – I will see what I will read next. At the moment I read an over 750 pages Steampunk book and it is ok. I found a lot of reviews saying, it is boring and not authentic, but it is a fun read for me.

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    1. You might not like the Demon King! I put it down again haha. It’s so very predictable already..The first pages show you immediately who will be hero, love interest, mean guy.. then you have the dumb and innocent queen who gets seduced by her evil master sorcerer… ugh… I might give it another chance but I am a bit annoyed already to be honest ;-/
      I want to read some more Steampunk again as well!


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