Review: The Other Lands. Acacia Trilogy 2 by David A. Durham

The Other Landsother lands

599 pages
Anchor books
published in 2010

1. Acacia
2. The Other Lands
3. The Sacred Band

A few years have passed since the conquering of the Mein, and Queen Corinn is firmly in control of the Known World-perhaps too firmly. With plans to expand her empire, she sends her brother, Dariel, on an exploratory mission to the Other Lands. There Dariel discovers a lush, exotic mainland ruled by an alliance of tribes that poses a grave danger to the stability of the Known World. Is Queen Corinn strong enough to face this new challenge? Readers of this bold, imaginative sequel will not be disappointed in the answer.

Very disappointing, especially since I enjoyed the first book in the trilogy so much. It doesn’t help that it is only starting to get more interesting towards the end. I already didn’t care any more by then.

The story kicks in 9 years after the events from Acacia which I thought was unusual, but hey, at least all the characters are now grown up and more mature.. right? And there will be new interesting constellations.

At first I was quite entertained. It was good to see the Akaran siblings again and learn what happened to them during the last years. Dariel’s storyline was the most promising but even though some secrets were revealed it couldn’t keep me intrigued. This is the case with all the other storylines as well. There is certainly potential but especially in the beginning I felt like I was reading an introduction.. that was going on for about 300 pages. There is stuff happening and the story is moving forward, but I felt like the build-up to important scenes was too long. The characters are travelling around for too long. Everything just takes too long to create tension and I wasn’t entertained but bored most of the time. I even skipped some pages. There was this awfully long meeting at some point, that was dragging on and on and I didn’t even care about the characters involved..

Not everything was bad though. The story picks up some speed in the third part of the book and I loved a new character, called Elya. Her parts were the easiest to read and most enjoyable.

After the cliffhanger in the end I though about reading the third part as well but then I noticed that I didn’t really care any more. The characters I loved in the first part somehow couldn’t keep me interested any more and I don’t need another book about them.


One comment

  1. Hrhrhr, I already hated the first part of the series so badly and was absolutely sure, to never continue with it at all. So I’m glad I made the decision and never tried the second part 😀


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