My July

I did not read as much as I wanted to but I finally managed to finish a book again. The first time since April, so yayyy! It wasn’t a very good one after all, but still, I got through it.

What I read

The Sharing Knife by Lois McMaster-Bujold –> finished! It’s a romantic fantasy novel but couldn’t convince me. The two main characters found each other way too quickly and there were no exciting scenes between the two. That’s probably because the build-up was too short. Also I thought the age gap between the two protagonists, which was pretty big, didn’t show as much. The male protagonist was often acting very childish and I was hoping for him to be more mature and confident.

The Mortal Tally by Sam Sykes –> currently at 73%! Getting there. It’s been hard work. I like 3 of the 6 different pov perspectives and if it wasn’t for them, I would have stopped reading ages ago. Too much whining & angsting going on in the other parts. WAY too much. It’s getting on my nerves. I will write a review about this one and give you more details on why I have problems with it.

Jar City by Arnaldur Indridason –> currently at 15%! Loving it! Set in Iceland, very dark, and of course has the grumpy middle-aged detective with alcohol problems who just doesn’t give a fuck.

What I watched

11/22/63 –> based on a book by Stephen King. It’s about a man who travels to the past in order to prevent the assassination of JFK. He can only travel to one specific point in time and if he goes back to the future he can’t go back to the past or everything resets. Oh, and of course the past doesn’t want to be changed and tries to ‘push back’. I didn’t like the idea, but the show proved me wrong. I love it, there’s so much tension, so much Drama and James Franco is really good as the main character. It’s just an 8 episode Mini-Series and we only have one episode to go.

Another Period –> we are currently in the middle of Season 2. It’s a comedy that makes fun of Downton Abbey and Period Dramas in general. Very stupid, very inappropriate and very funny!

Apart from that me and my Partner have been watching a lot of Sports, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and WWE. We need our Wrestling and at the moment there is a lot going on. Brand Split, Network Extension, lots of surprises, lots of good stuff. 😀

What I have been playing

No Pokemon Go 😀 But all this Hype made me think of the old games so I got the yellow version for my 3DS. Didn’t start it yet though. I am still in the middle of Story of Seasons. I am a big fan of the Harvest Moon games and played them all starting with the really old one for my Game Boy. Since the 2 companies that made the games went separate ways, I stuck with Marvelous USA’s Story of Seasons. Although I liked the previous game, ‘A New Beginning’, more, SOS is alright. The games are just soooo big now, it takes ages for me to get through and unlock everything.

What else?DSC00550

As it is still winter in Melbourne, I always feel like drinking tea! I think I am a little addicted to buying tea to be honest.. But I do love it and the tea shop where I work (doesn’t help that it’s so close…) is so pretty and has so many cool flavours. At the moment I am a fan of Banana Bake tea which I brew with a little vanilla soy milk. Also, I love New York Breakfast, which has a hint of cinnamon in it and Apple Crumble mixed with my Apple Cinnamon tea. The latest one I got is Lamington flavour. I heard it’s great with a little bit of jam in it 😀

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