Movie reviews #1

Just some short impressions about movies I watched recently:

Divergent (klick)divergent
Started well, I really like dystopian books & movies and therefore the setting was definitely a great one. But that was actually everything I liked. Seriously, what was up with those running jerks? Seemed like lunatics on some kind of drug with all the running and jumping off trains. I didn’t get it. Also Tris was really boring and I could never connect with her. I don’t know if it was the character or the actress who lacked facial expressions.
Additionally I couldn’t tell the male characters apart, they all looked the same apart from Jai Courtney. And also, wtf happened to Ray Stevenson?? THIS IS TITUS PULLO DAMMIT! He looked ridiculous xD The story never gripped me and I have to admit that I didn’t even finish the movie. Definitely not for me.

Prisoners (klick)prisoners
Uh, that was dark! Really dark and shocking. Great acting by Hugh Jackman though and lots of tension. Some things were solved too easily in the end and didn’t make much sense and also I thought the movie was way too long. Still alright. For some reason I found Jake Gyllenhaal to be quite attractive in it. Normally I am not into him at all!



Guardians of the Galaxy (klick)guardians
I thought it was another boring super hero movie but was wrong! This movie was highly entertaining, very touching and made me feel for the characters! Also some great pictures and dialogues. Michael Rooker looks awesome as hell. Only one thing… WHY WAS THERE NO BATISTA BOMB DAMMIT!? I was waiting for it the whole time πŸ˜€


Iron Sky (klick)215px-Iron_sky_poster
Belongs to the category “Don’t take it too seriously”. It’s about Nazis who hid on the moon and now want to take over the world once again. Very bad but a few really great scenes if you are into very bad movies. Watch with friends, some Rum and it will be funny.



Knights of Badassdom (klick)Knights_of_Badassdom
I expected more from this cast (Abed! Tyrion! Jason Stackhouse! etc.) and the setting (Fantasy Live Role Play). Some cool scenes but the movie was trying too hard to be bad & ridiculous i think. If you know what I mean πŸ˜€

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